Electrical infrastructure is a critical component of every building project. The size and scope of that electrical infrastructure depends on many factors, such as the building’s footprint, capacity, and intended function.

The integrated teams at The Electrican, Inc. (“TEI”) prepare new building sites for all utility installations and your building’s electrical infrastructure. We have the capability to work on power infrastructure projects of all sizes and magnitude.

What the electrican, Inc. can do for you

The Electrician, Inc. (“TEI”) can recommend the appropriate switchgear for your business.
Your switchgear is the combination of disconnects and circuit breakers used to control, protect, and isolate your electrical equipment. The switchgear is the key to managing power in your businesses’ electrical system. Since it is used to de-energize equipment and to clear downstream faults, it is extremely important that it is functioning correctly.

Over time, your switchgear may become worn, may not have been well maintained, or your electrical needs have changed; so TEI can evaluate if you are in need of a maintenance program or a replacement. TEI’s in-house engineering team will complete a power study of the proposed electrical system.

The power study will assess a short-circuit current profile, device coordination, and incident energy profile to assure that the proposed solution will meet all NEC standards and is properly configured for reliable performance and access by your maintenance staff.

The Electrician, Inc. (“TEI”)  can install a power monitoring system for you.

A power monitoring system is a network of meters that are connected to your internet connection so that they monitor and store data. Thru the provided software, the monitors then provide real-time data regarding the power usage within your facility.

There are many reasons that power monitoring systems are very useful. If your business requires a reliable power source, monitoring can be used to quickly identify any problems so that they can be resolved. Currents and surges can damage motors, sensitive IT equipment, and other advanced equipment in your facility. If you need to understand which areas within your facility consume what quantity of power in order to correctly allocate overhead or to invoice tenants for their usage, or identify power usage for cost reduction, the power monitoring software can give you this information. The data logging will also allow you to see trends that indicate a change that may need to be evaluated.

The levels of monitoring complexity vary, and TEI can help you to select the right system for you based on your needs so that you can monitor usage from your laptop or other devices.

“ASG (Now The Electrican, Inc.) installed a power metering system for us and everything went great start to finish.  I would highly recommend them to anyone. Thanks for the awesome job guys!”

Jesse Widen, Widen Enterprises, Inc.

The Electrician, Inc. (“TEI”) can take care of your control work.

TEI’s electricians have completed extensive work in the automation services area providing support and installation of controls to measure and control temperature, pressure, humidity, etc as well as controls to automate assembly. We offer state of the art industrial automation solutions with comprehensive capabilities in control and automation engineering, custom control panel design, electrical equipment installation and relocation, and on-site troubleshooting.

TEI’s Engineers and electricians are knowledgeable and experienced in factory automation encompassing the design, and installation of complete production lines, upgrading and modernization of equipment; drive system replacements, and much more for companies in a broad range of industries.

The Electrician, Inc. (“TEI”) understands the intricacy of building controls.

Functional building controls are essential to any environment. TEI’s electricians are experienced with the installation and service of the low voltage controls and wiring for many systems. TEI has worked with several major controls providers, to provide customers with remote access to their HVAC systems to control temperature and humidity, lighting systems to turn on/off/dim lights, refrigeration systems cooling and defrost cycles and alarms.

The electricians at TEI understand that having any of these systems working improperly can cost you money, and they are trained to set up and keep your systems functioning properly and efficiently.

The Electrician, Inc. (“TEI”) can help extend the life of your equipment.

Electrical equipment can be damaged or unreliable on unbalanced voltages because an imbalance could cause overheating of components and intermittent shutdowns, destroying the equipment or reducing the life of your equipment.

TEI can work with you and your utility provider to complete a full load audit on all electrical panels. TEI will document all main ampacities per phase, identify and document all loads in each panel, then show you solutions to get any imbalances into an acceptable tolerance.

The Electrician, Inc. (“TEI”) installs heat tape to protect your roof from ice dams. 

Are ice dams creating issues for your roof? Has additional insulation and air sealing not helped to solve the problem? TEI can install heat tape! When installed correctly, heat tape can provide a path for ice and snow to melt off of the roof. It can also keep gutters and downspouts from becoming clogged with ice.

All tape installation is completed according to NEC standards and manufacturer specifications. After the installation is complete, all circuitry will be energized and tested.