Condition of maintenance testing

Most electrical failures can be prevented. An electrical preventive maintenance program consisting of infrared thermography, ultrasonic technology, and visual inspection is your best chance to proactively identify and repair issues – giving you peace of mind that your electrical distribution system is safe and functioning properly.

Let The Electrician, Inc. (“TEI”) help you keep your people safe and your business running!

The Electrician, Inc. (“TEI”) uses thermal imaging to detect and troubleshoot problems, then works with you to develop resolutions.

Electrical issues remain hidden, slowly causing temperatures to rise, until ultimately leading to component failure. Fortunately, infrared cameras are designed to detect these issues before they become catastrophic. The technology behind these instruments is complex, as simply identifying a “hot spot” is only the first step to confirming a potential problem. TEI’s Master Electricians have advanced IR certifications and can perform the additional testing needed to complete the troubleshooting process, as well as validate the environmental settings to avoid inaccurate results.

Infrared technology helps TEI identify electrical issues before they wear down components or cause a system failure. Discovering problems sooner allows TEI’s skilled team of technicians time to investigate further and perform repairs. A proper IR assessment requires a direct line of sight, all equipment operating under normal loads, and the removal of the panel covers according to NFPA 70E safety guidelines. The infrared testing of all electrical cabinets, breaker panels, fuses, bolted connections, and switchgear is a crucial element of your facility’s overall electrical system maintenance and reliability program.

Keep in mind that electrical distribution system malfunctions are now the leading cause of fires in office structures and industrial sites. It is more important than ever to keep your people and your structure safe, and your business working.

The Electrician, Inc. (“TEI”) uses ultrasonic technology to “hear” anomalies within your electrical system.

Ultrasonic technology that can be used on low to high voltage electrical equipment is a powerful means to detect early electrical anomalies. Ultrasonic testing uses high frequency sound energy to examine equipment. When electricity jumps across a gap in an electrical connection, the nearby air molecules are disturbed and an ultrasonic noise is produced. These emissions – which include corona, tracking, and arcing – have very distinct sounds, which the technician can analyze to identify these anomalies.

Ultrasonic testing is an excellent tool for flaw detection, such as finding compromised wiring within the conduit.

Using ultrasonic technology to detect and correctly identify these electrical anomalies can help prevent electrical failures and reduce life and safety risks. Ultrasonic is especially effective when used in conjunction with infrared thermography to deliver a thorough condition of maintenance assessment.

The Electrician, Inc. (“TEI”) uses skilled Master Electricians to evaluate potential problems that may not be identified by infrared thermography or ultrasonic testing.

Visual inspection is one of the most basic elements of electrical preventive maintenance, though it is often the most overlooked. Unfortunately, many testing providers leave this step undocumented. Performing a proper visual inspection of all components adds yet another layer of reliability, assuring you that your electrical system is safe and functioning properly.

A skilled TEI Master Electrician, who has received specialized training at the TEGG Institute, will visually inspect equipment for code violations, foreign objects, peeling insulation, and other safety and reliability issues, thoroughly documenting every issue. Taking this important step allows you to identify additional risks to employees, contractors, and business processes.

The Electrician, Inc. (“TEI”) will utilize the advanced TEGG software to provide detailed reports indicating and explaining electrical issues.

Detailed reports from the state-of-the-art TEGGPro software allow you to easily understand all problems that have been identified, and which are the most concerning. Web-based access to your electrical system data makes it easy for you to focus on the most critical issues, keeping your people safe and your business running.

TEI’s professional staff will work with you to develop a plan for problem resolution, then update the equipment status within the TEGG software.

We provide you with the most up-to-date information possible regarding the condition of your electrical distribution system.

The Electrician, Inc. (“TEI”) is a member of the TEGG Service Network. TEGG® is a brand within the ABM Franchising Group, an international network comprised of more than 300 mechanical and electrical contractors, located in over twenty countries. TEGG’s core business is the protection of commercial and industrial facilities from electrical system failures, electrical fires, resultant business interruptions and property damage through the implementation of comprehensive electrical preventive maintenance functions.

The results are guaranteed. If TEI certifies that an electrical component is in proper working order and it fails, that component will be replaced free of charge. Ask TEI about our Guaranteed Electrical Maintenance programs.